It’s been some time since I’ve updated on my current detour… though more than ever I feel like I’ve been on what most people would call “the right path.”

It’s hilarious that I coincidentally log into wordpress TWO years from the last time I had posted. So much has changed!

I got started a new job in SF.
Brian has moved in with me.
We moved into our own apartment in Berkeley.
We got a dog.
I quit my job.
I started my own business – event planning.
We got engaged.

Thus why I logged in at all – to start a wedding website for me and Brian.

Besides those huge “mile markers” I’ve been hitting in life – I’ve been going through a reformatting – maybe too technical of a term for something emotional/personal. But I’ve found myself curating the people I want around me and cultivating relationships with those people. Lots of energy and focus has been going into that aspect of my life that I have deviated away from my “career.”

But overall – I’m striving towards finding the right balance as I accelerate through this phase in life.


For me – It’s all talk — mostly. I want to do things, I say I will… but I don’t.

But when it comes down to it: It’s just a matter of doing it. “Just do it.” Getting back into it. “Do the dirty work.” And then realizing “that’s right, I love doing this.”

It’s balancing, it’s recalibrating. Back to center.


Today (October 11) marks the day of three months of employment with Rice Paper Scissors. Since last time I’ve written, I have gone through many (maybe too many) interesting detours. And even though it seems like I’ve come to more of a place of “stability” and “the right road,” I consider myself still having these new and, yes, interesting detours. I’ll talk more about that in another post, but right now… let’s get reacquainted by accounting the past year. 

About a year ago, I cut my hair… and it doesn’t seem like a big of a deal but for me cutting my hair is a symbol of sorts of conviction. This conviction lead me to breakup with my then boyfriend, seed the idea of starting my own business (eventually), and finishing up what was the hardest semester I had ever had. (I actually wrote a blog post about it… which was never published, but believe me- it was hard.) 

 Not going to lie, the “independent woman” conviction started to fade as quickly as it manifested: I ended up in a really bad relationship that followed my break-up a little too closely, I looked for employment over pursuing my own project, and I stayed an “extra” semester at Chapman University when I could have graduated after the fall semester.*

 (*I had a duty to the club of which I was the president and I also wanted to do Vagina Monologues – so there were “positive” reasons [excuses] why I was there. But maybe, I was scared to leave… I’ll have to explore that thought before I could say definitively.)

 Alright– so after all that, we’re in January: Rice Paper Scissors had invited me to work in San Francisco officially on one of my trips to the city (although, I always had an idea that I was going to move to San Francisco, anyway… for them probably) I accepted their offer excitedly because it gave me the chance to be in the food industry at a higher level without going to culinary school or having any formal training. 

 In February, it was my birthday– got sticking drunk, whoops. Vagina Monologues for the last time in which I performed “Reclaiming Cunt.” Probably my best performance of anything… ever. 

 In March, I broke up with the boy that made me realize no one ever has to feel as terrible as I did for the five months I was “with” him. “We’re pretty awesome women, and we should be with someone who is going to make us feel like that.” — Thanks, V. “You are a light, and no one should take that away from you.” Thanks, N. “He’s gotta go.” YES, R!

 In April, my college club put on its annual large event in which I made a balloon arch, performed, and of course coordinated in a bright orange skirt. That night, my current boyfriend asked me for my number… we went on a date five days later and have been together since.

 In May, I graduated! Yeah, no words, just awesome. Spent my two weeks of US summer mostly in bed and moving my boyfriend and his roommate into their new place. PILOT LIFE.

 June- I moved out of my mom’s place and basically into my dad’s warehouse in East Bay because in a few days, I would go to Europe to travel with Sofia who had been studying abroad for nearly a year. Yeah, Europe, no words, just awesome. (Or maybe, I’ll make that another post.)

 I come back in July, visit San Diego before heading back to Bay Area and I started work on July 11, three months ago.

 TLDR; I update ya’ll about my past year, partly so that I don’t forget, but also to show you the detours I’ve been taking to get to where I am now: at Coffee Bar on Florida and Mariposa, living this interesting life. 

I’ve been baking a lot. More than I ever have, even more so when I was trying to be a “baker.” It’s calming, it’s clarity. Creating food for the sake of the enjoyment of creation and for the people and friends of whom I don’t know that will end up enjoying them. Practicing for the larger picture of going into the food industry, putting good food and just good vibes into the universe, sometimes not knowing who are enjoying them.

I also have attempted to create a following — not that im trying to be “tumblr famous” or have “twitter clout” or anything — but to practice involving people, acquaintances and friends alike, into my process of creation. Through social media, I try to make themes or campaign and stick with them for a bit. My latest themes have been the creation of my Cookies n Cream cookies, my Blue Shell costume, and my re-introduction back into sports such as tennis and volleyball.

It’s allowed for run-ins to be more in depth than the courteous “hi” and “what have you been up to” because they are confident that these subjects are still relevant. People I’ve just met reflect a perceived better understanding of me the next time I see them, because they’re comfortable in asking about my cookies, my costume, and sports. Whenever I do start this business, I hope to transfer the following or at least the practice of intriguing people through food, corkiness, and passion!

Check out my campaigns and short-term projects through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (@Feliciaisya), and Youtube! I may not be doing direct work towards opening my business, but I’m definitely starting with the building blocks.

Detours keep the journey interesting!

It’s been in my head for a solid month or so to do it, but insecurities and everything else has been making me hesitant to take the first step. SO:

Today, I purchased a business plan software.

I’ve heard people say not to sweat the details, or even create a business plan. But, I know where my strengths and even better where my weaknesses lie.

I am many things, but maybe not a business person. I hope that people could understand that some people need help in different area. What I need is structure, because all the ideas are in my head — It’s just about putting it down on paper, or cyber-paper.

Let’s do this!

(It’s costing me $20 a month.)

Today is Wednesday. AKA, LONG DAY.

I start my day with my internship, waking up at 6:30 AM and have class scheduled until 10 PM. On top of that this week is Tech Week for Chapman Vagina Monologues, show is this weekend AKA stay out late to rehearse, go home and rush to bed.. to wake up the next day for my internship.

Please don’t think I am complaining. I am so blessed to have all these opportunities and the ability to experience them every day.

My sister texted me in the morning at work:

Ok so you come home after I fall asleep and leave before I get up?! Handle your Hustle!

For some reason this 18-word-message really spoke to me. I’m really starting to feel like my old self, someone passionate for what she did AKA Doesn’t matter if I sleep or not, as long as I am doing what I love.

I hope I don’t run out of gas though. X]

Vagina Monologue Information



I know it’s been a long time. but this detour was definitely an interesting one. 

I wonder if detours is what really matter when it comes to finding directions, you’d never need them if you weren’t just a little bit lost and needed some clarity.


Clarity has been entering in my life.


Some great things I’d love to document and remember for the future:

At this very moment, I have a planner (opened, and written in), a worn macbook pro (weathered but sturdy), an internship (far but enjoyable), a year left of school (3rd year, senior standing), sitting at Chapman University (private school, no holiday on president’s day), and will be performing Vagina Monologues this weekend.


and to top all that, I’ve turned 21 recently (New York, with my Ate).


I can only stop on my path and be thankful for everything, at least this detour has been scenic after a pretty bad roadside breakdown.


To you,